“We love this resource. We purchased it to use with our early readers who have struggled to get underway with their reading. It’s a great ‘pick up and go’ resource suitable for teacher aides. The readers are appealing and of excellent quality. The huge plus is the audio pen, it is so versatile and has a great choice of functions.

    Thank you for developing an excellent resource which is well priced and affordable.”

    Brenda Marquet | Deputy Principal, Opaheke School


    "Rainbow Reading and especially the magic pen are great resources because students can use them independently. They experience success with their reading and as a result their confidence in their reading ability grows in leaps and bounds. It is a fantastic resource that our whole class has thoroughly enjoyed."

    Louise Dreyer | Teacher , Korakonui School


    "Rainbow Reading has helped students with their fluency and to learn the correct sentence structures, which in turn helps their writing.

    Students work at their own pace, so we can have a variety of reading levels working at the same time."

    Diana Fitzsimmons | Teacher Associate, Wairakei Primary School