90-Day Guarantee

Our Promise

Any student you apply one of our Original Rainbow or New Heights programmes to (5.5-12 year reading level), within 90 days of purchase, will progress a whole year reading level providing:

  1. The Rainbow level purchased is at their Instructional reading level (90%–94% accuracy).
  2. Each of the 20 book titles, at the level, have been read with audio support and independent practice.
  3. At least one of the programme's title-specific activities for each book has been completed.

Proof the above 3 points have been completed would need to be provided i.e. before and after Running Records and Record of Learning.

If the above has been completed and a year's progress has not occurred, we will provide an additional 20 (different) books at the same level as well as unlimited professional assistance from our Educational Consultant for no charge. 
-Request of this must occur within 90 days of you receiving the programme.

Click here for our Guarantee Certificate


    “My tutees love Rainbow Reading as they can access the books independently. I love Rainbow Reading as my tutees make great progress with their reading.”

    Liz Tromans | Centre Director at Kip McGrath, Saddleworth


    “The progress achieved by the pupils using the resources made a substantial contribution to the excellent Ofsted report gained subsequently by the school. This would have been a different story without the use of the resources.”

    Clare Campbell | Head Teacher, St Charles' RC Primary School, Swinton


    “Having experienced the success achieved by pupils using the Rainbow Reading programme, the school‘s Senior Management Team decided to purchase a full set of Rainbow Reading resources. Pupils at the school continue to use the programme and enjoy the benefits of their improved reading skills.”

    Caerphilly County Borough Council Advisory Teacher’s Team