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20-Book Set & Activities: YELLOW SERIES

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ISBN: 9781991071705

Great for when you already have an Audio Reading Pen or, just want the books...

This set includes:

  • 20 books (the whole series) of either New Heights or Original Rainbow*
  • + Optionally add the Activities (if you haven't yet purchased)**

*All books can be audio-assisted via the Reading Pen.
**Activities come on a USB Card and download link. There are 5 title-specific activities for each book to deepen comprehension and learning: Running Records, CLOZE, Dice Game, Text Sequencing, Word Search and Writing.

The awesome New Heights book titles in the series are:

  1. A Cool Holiday
  2. A Seat at the Front
  3. Agent 41
  4. Can You Believe It by
  5. Caring for Tarantulas
  6. Dog Money
  7. It all began with a Wasp
  8. Mammoth on Ice
  9. Octopus Escape Artist
  10. Our Dog Uncle Buddy
  11. Pirates
  12. Shovelling Snow
  13. The Right Spot
  14. The Two Good Brothers
  15. Trash to Treasure
  16. What a Game
  17. When My Dog Died
  18. Wide Open
  19. Wild Wind
  20. Zapping Alien

The awesome Rainbow book titles in the series are:

  1. A Japanese Visitor
  2. As Big As They Come
  3. Dog Show
  4. Earthquake
  5. Eel Be Right
  6. Guinea Pigs
  7. Loving Your Brother
  8. Make a Banana Cake
  9. Matt's Motorbike
  10. Mystery of the Missing Coins
  11. Remember the Titanic
  12. Rob, the Robot
  13. Sean's Go-Kart
  14. Skateboards Away
  15. So Good
  16. Stitches
  17. The Bullies
  18. The Camping Trip
  19. The Dog and the Possum
  20. Worrying Sounds


For at-level and struggling readers; reading at the 'instructional reading level' of 8-9 years old.

Topics and pictures have been carefully selected for older readers but suitable for younger as well. Word difficulty and frequency have been carefully chosen and trialled to match the correct reading level.

With audio-support, students typically gain the 12 months reading improvement - to move on from this level - in one term (10 weeks).


New Heights: 12 pages, 19.5cm high x 13.5cm wide
Original Rainbow: 8 pages, 18.5cm high x 12.7cm wide

USB Card: 8.3cm x 5.2cm

TOTAL WEIGHT: 0.8kg / 0.7kg